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After learning to make my own candles and melts and a lot of encouragement from my amazing family and friends, Nubium candles was created.


The name 'Nubium' comes from 'Mare Nubium', a sea visible on the near side of the moon. The name translates as 'Sea of Clouds', which is how I like to imagine my scents drifting around the home, in peace and serenity.


Scents are considered a strong link to memories and can take you straight back to happy and memorable times. They can make a house a home and they can make an incredible difference to our mood and well-being.


All of our products are hand-made using the cleanest burning products and high quality essential and fragrance oils. Our candles and wax melts are made to bring happiness, cosiness, warmth and calm to our lives, and make perfect gifts to our family and loved ones.

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