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Mini Melts - our very own hand made mini heart melts in a recyclable glass jar with a mini wooden spoon to scoop them into your burner. You can use as many or as few as you like and add more mini melts to get the perfect fragrance strength for your home. These jars contain at least 100g of scented wax for you to enjoy hoiurs and hours of fragrance, they will last you a very long time! These also make a very good gift for any time of the year. These mini melts come in our Magic in the air scent which is a soft intense chypre fragrance opening up with delicious juicy green melon notes. It then leads onto a muguet heart with hints of orange blossom while resting on a soft musk base with hints of precious woods and amber. You will totally love our version of this very popular Bath and Body Works fragrance. This description doesn't do this amazing fragrance justice you really need to add this to your order, you won't regret it!

Jar of Hearts | Gifts

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